friendshipismagic.pngsavagelyrandom wrote some words - I choked on my dinner smoothie and made a quality comic to match the beautiful relationship of Lascus and Solon. <3

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I am genuinely sad none of you said Hamster Maximal ・゜・(ノД`)

WIP sketch of some gift art to my perfect awesome bff of her character Relara <3
thequicksilverfox - Panda Predacondeezmo - Kangaroostrymonblogs - Sharkwarmups of the day, mega fun!
Stickers and Nutella and Stickers and NutellaRicken Fracaz - a very old crack OC!

Good morning internet! Those are some fantastic Beast Wars suggestions I see right there? Mantis? Fox? Shark? Kangaroo?? PANDA?

Yes. good.


theangrybee said: Turkeycon! Maximal of spaaaccceee (you can ignore me I’m just being silly)

I’m 1 million% certain you were DEAD SERIOUS.Ah, Turkeycon. The mysterious, blade-master Maximal warrior. Little is known of this shadowy figure, all but a dark, also super mysterious past. The kind of past that is so dark and mysterious that fellow Maximals know not to inquire about. Striking fear in the ranks of the Predacon as he strides into the battlefield, flaring his majestic feathered form and flexing his razor sharp talons, gleaming in the blood red sun. His shrill battle cry has been known to send the bravest of Predacon warriors fleeing to their base. Rumors have spread to the Maximal front that some of their foes have been rendered incapable of fight after encounters with Turkeycon, balled up and rocking back and forth on the floor, mumbling “gobble…gobble…gobble” until their voice boxes gave out……………………………………..


Trying to do some warmups before cranking out some commissions I wanna finish this weekend. I wanna try drawing non existing Beast Wars Maximals and Predacons!

Got any ideas? If you have any faction - beast combo in mind, shoot me an ask!

Tasmania Kid! Yeee!