Hey, I noticed how much you love Destiny (as do I) and was wondering what your thoughts were on the story if you've finished it. I ALSO LOVE YOUR PRETTY ROBOTS
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Hey thank you so kindly!! Oh man Destiny has taken over my life completely, I’ve been playing it every day nonstop since launch hhhhhhhhhhhh.

My thoughts on the story of the game are simply that as lacklustre and flat it can be, and often is when delivered through the games campaign, I love more things about it than I dislike. The pros outweigh the cons, for mer personally at least. I personally find that even though there are invisible walls and sometimes empty towers and not much in way of npc interaction - I LOOOVE being in this universe and totally buy it, feel and want more of it. I also think that yes, it should’ve been more of this lore in the actually playable game and not just in the Grimoire, but I still accept my role as a total new born, risen from the dead Guardian that really doesn’t know much of anything around me. It doesn’t excuse Destinys kinds of poor delivery, but I personally still buy it. And oh man does this game ever have the coolest lore ever, it is on par with Mass Effect 1 and it’s original lore and general plot. I love the idea of the the Traveler, I love the exos more than almost anything, I love the aliens and all their different agendas and end game in the galaxy, I love that humanity feels like it’s more or less dead in this world. Sure there’s a novel length of stuff that’s annoying as balls in Destiny but it’s not that big of a deal to me. And that’s surprising seeing as I’ve been a very vocal protester of things like the ME3 catastrophe, usually I do get very feisty over these things. I don’t know, I think it’s because Destiny fills the void that the beyond awful ME3 left in my heart, and has brought me back into a game world I can get totally lost in together with my love and partner in crime and we both play it nonstop. I love the tower, the queen and her brother, the fallen and their social structures, the slave like role the dregs play, the creepy servitors, the sad feeling of the brave cabal on the run from some terror chasing them, the totally disturbing concept of the darkness, the ghosts, the traveler and her speaker, cayde-6 and the tension between Lord Saladin and Shaxx that I’m sure we’re totally in a relationship at some point, you will never convince me otherwise and the gorgeous colourful Lakshmi-2 and her creepy information hoarding.



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I’m moving, quitting my job and my monitor is broken so that’s why there’s a bit of a reclusive streak going on right now, haha! That and Destiny. Why did I ever buy it. Oh because it’s so great.

To whom it may concern!

Destiny has taken over this Guardians life, and it is great for this Guardian really missed playing games, and was also in need of a break from everything very badly.

Not only that but there were some sickness and family trips these last 3 weeks, getting back into the swing of things this weekend though, for those in waiting (in between Destiny and some more Destiny)! <3


Haven’t been around or gotten to my messages in a bit here, had to work some crazy hours because we’re understaffed and can’t find any subs, got really sick last Thursday and have been in bed with fever and crap. Also Destiny happened which I just love a little too much! Anyway, be well and be swell!


Awesome shirt came today.

relay314 made the most awesome pharma shirt ever.

HUUUUUUUU!!!! <333333333

I’ll play Destiny for about an hour.

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When you place Ward of Dawn around an enemy